About The Diseases Hepatitis A

 Hepatitis A is one disease that can attack the liver and other organs caused by viral infection. The number of people with this diseasein the world is estimated at 1.4 million persons each year. While in Southeast Asia alone, cases of acute hepatitis A has about 400,000 people a yearwith a mortality rate of up to 800 people. Most people with hepatitis A are children.

Early symptoms that may occur include fever, nausea, vomiting, pains in the joints and muscles, as well as diarrhea. When liver organs have starteddisease attacks, there are several other symptoms will appear, i.e.dark-colored urine, pale-colored stools, jaundice and itching. In addition, the upper right portion of the abdominal area will also be painful especially if pressed.

But not all people experience symptoms of hepatitis a. Hence, the disease is sometimes difficult to realize. Only one out of 10 people with hepatitis Aunder six years who experienced jaundice. Whereas in adolescents and adults, the disease usually causes more severe symptoms and about seven out of 10 will experience jaundice.
The causes and transmission of Hepatitis A

The cause of this disease is hepatitis A virus can spread very easily. How to spread mainlythrough food or beverage that has been contaminated by feces person with hepatitis a.several risk factors that can increase the spread of this virus include:

Poor sanitation.
Direct contact with people.
Sharing syringes.
Having sex with people, especially anal sex.
Men who have sex with other men.
Working in areas related to dirt, such as the ditch.

This disease has no special handling steps because the immune system will destroy the virus by itself. Treatment of hepatitis A step aimed at easing the symptoms experienced by the pengidapnya. Responses include consuming drugs itching relief, painnausea and vomiting as the dose. Liver organwill also need to be left to rest for example by not consuming liquor and be careful with medications that could have an impact on the heart.

The time it takes people to recover completely from this disease is typically a few months. People who succeed will have recovered your immune againstthis disease.
The Risk Of Complications Of Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A infection generally does not cause long-term liver disease (chronic) and rarely are fatal. However, this disease has the potential to cause liver failure, especially in those who have had severe liver disease before infected with hepatitis A and sufferers are elderly. In addition, on most sufferers this infection can relapse or back again.
Ways to prevent Hepatitis A

Because it is spread through consumption of contaminated something, a major step in the prevention of hepatitis A is to keep clean. This step can be done easily, for examplealways wash your hands, avoid consumption of raw or undercooked foods and avoid spending on street vendors.

In addition, hepatitis A vaccination can also prevent this disease. Especially for those who have a high risk of such persons who suffered from chronic liver disease, people with hemophilia and IDUs.

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