Review of the Yamaha R15

Upon awaited bike lovers homeland he is now also present among us, who he is.No need to linger we welcome the coming Yamaha R15 150cc class to rival rivals, which comes from the region who else if not a honda.But this time the automotive complementary team will review about the Yamaha R15 price. How ketangguhanya streets, we start from the capacity of the machine used, such as the above title Yamaha R15 engine still uses a 150cc engine.

 But Yamaha R15 is still very prominent, because it still uses SOHC technology.This technology is still arguably outdated compared Satria, new CBR 150 and CB150R are already using DOHC technology.As information, DOHC technology has acceleration and top speed is more superior than SOHC. But do not worry, R15 was still able to keep the same class as the name of magnitude.

Seeing owned Yamaha R15 engine, embedded compression ratio 10.4: 1.With a maximum power produced 14.8 ps / 8500 rpm. As for the maximum power of the torque reaches 13:10 nm / 7500 rpm. And Yamaha R15 was already adopting injection technology supported 6 speed gears. Differences with Vixon although both have the capacity 150cc engine but still 5 speed.

For the cooling system Yamaha R15 also embraces today's cooling systems are already using radiators. The cooling system is more effective and stable than its predecessor cooling system that still uses wind barriers. Section and the engine cooling system we have seen, is now living up to the size of the tires used. Yamaha R15 for itself already using tubless tires which claimed to have more security when stepping on sharp objects such as motors nails, iron taper and sebaginya poor across the street.Tubeless tire itself when exposed nails will not immediately run out of the air inside the tire, so the maneuver remains stable and reduce the risk of accidents. For his own size, 90 / 80-17 front and rear tires 130 / 80-17.

Go to the braking system Yamaha R15. With high speed Yamaha R15 using 245 mm disc brakes for the front and 220 mm at the rear wheels. These discs are safer for braking Yamaha R15 so that motorists still not lose control. As well as for suspension Yamaha R15 install type telescopic shock on the front and rear Monocross link type. Using Yamaha R15 Monocross make more style and dashing.

Her hobby for the trip far Yamaha R15 is able to cope with it because it has a 12 liter tank size. In addition, the framework deltabox a mainstay for Yamaha R15 products are known for strength and has good welding pattern. To help the driver see the ferocity of Yamaha R15, Yamaha also provides a type of semi-digital speedometer.

Now that he's a little review of Yamaha R15, motor suitable to meet your lifestyle. Interested want to have, you can see the price list on the internet. Thanks for his visit, to still be able to follow please visit guaranteed fun. See you ........

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