Love during the school

Love during the school

At that time,at the time
Crowded in one place I stand alone
waiting presence O woman of my dreams

At that time,at the time
I am very shy 
You walk in front of me I just stood in silence
Desire to say hello but I am ashamed

At that time,at the time
I can only look at you from afar
Only your pretty face which seemed to me
I can only hope you created for me

And at that time
No one love spoken word for you
Until we graduate school 

I regret,I'm a fool,and I find it to be a loser
But now I understand that love is not to be held

And finally now
I understand,Without You
I'm okay

You are fondest memories


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10 Responses to "Love during the school"

  1. hebat juga ente ya..udah punya GA ..komen balik ya..

    1. Hehe anu baru bljar gan. Okey ane kunjungi balik. Thx atas kunjungannya

  2. wahhh touched the hearts of all of this article


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