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Began 6 years ago

Beep sound of birds around the house making I woke up from my sleep,I opened a window of hope.These stepped foot out of the house at around 13:30 pm,I heard the sound of bicycle bells ringing.Looking far ahead of my home, I saw a young woman.The closer I step to her, how beautiful she is.I know him and he knows me, I said welcome,He smiled, and I smiled.Sit thou on my front porch, a friendly smile graced his lips sweetness.His eyes glow beauty exceed the afternoon sunlight.

Soon we rushed into the street, the street that is around the village.We Are walking through the village,laughing together and the occasional hand holding delicate hair.when I hold her hair she smiled sweetly add the daytime bright life.You have to know it, but he may not know.Let time pass hope he knows, knows what,whatever it is that is important only for him.

Straight road, winding, uphill and down we had been through.Residential land has drop it, so we stopped at the border fields.Once again we looked at each other, smiling.There was little wind waved and greeted us, as if we were jubilant look.Until the wind nosy paddy was tempting us,struck down a small straw in the pile of dirty clothes make this.Then the straw is taken out of my shirt gently and put back surface of the ground.I smiled, he smiled.

No more word, just a smile that spoke.We foot step together towards the paddy fields.You ran me after him.Until you fell you still rise, the 3rd time you fell me that evokes.Smiles, jokes and laughter together, make you the happiest man.

Time passes very quickly, time show at 16:00 pm.You go home I, too, jokes and laughter runs to this day.

But .................................

But the next day I woke up, felt lonely nobody accompany.That looks just mobile phones and laptops.I stepped out, the sound of a vehicle crowded and I saw it.What happened, where did he, being what and when we are together.And I found out that you were always by my side, with me when I go when I'm sad and happy.Came as confusion, lost when certainty.

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    1. hehe mkasih gan atas kunjungannya, mantab


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